Could you be the toxic person everyone hates?

For instance, if you view the world as a bad place, you will never find anything good to say and constantly complain about everything.

Are you that person with the defeatist comments at the party ruining the fun and dampening everyone's spirits with your negativity?

Do you lie a lot? We all lie, which is a terrible choice. But it is a problem when you become a habitual liar. Your stories never add up and dishonesty becomes your way to cope. Top that up with rudeness and no one can stand you.

Smart answers and bad manners most people would consider culturally inappropriate never sit well with anyone. Be respectful, answer questions the proper way and drop those hurtful jabs you throw at everyone thinking they are funny or is your way of turning people off.

That goes with lack of empathy because you are so self-centred and all you care about is you, you rarely get to see or understand what others around you are going through. This lack of self-awareness makes you impossible to be around because no one wants to suffer you.

No one likes bossy people and this toxic trait predominantly ails many so-called boss babes. Being controlling and asserting dominance over others will never be in style.

Despite the authority you have, there is a very clear line between leadership and being a witch with a 'b.' Chances are you also get angry very quickly and things go downhill very fast.

If people are always telling you tone it down, calm down or seek help, you have a problem controlling your emotions and you need to get that checked.