IT expert: Poll servers were infiltrated

"He further informed me that the said documents were computer logs and the same had sensitive information, which could have an impact on the just concluded General Election," he states, adding that the screen grabs were sent on WhatsApp.

In court documents in support of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition presidential candidate Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua's case challenging IEBC's declaration of William Ruto as the winner, Mr Wesonga says users were granted permission to read, write, modify or edit, and delete documents.

"With the above operations a malicious or corrupt or unethical user got access either through IEBC local network or remote access and was able to manipulate records," he claims.

"With the above logs statements, we can tell that certain unauthorised or authorised operations were being carried out before, during and after the polling day. Were these operations meant to compromise the integrity of the process and data from the electoral process?"

He says his analysis shows the system was compromised.

"The fact that documents were deleted or altered in the EDMS of the IEBC, what guarantee do we have that the entire process was credible if document retention policy was not adhered to right before and after the polling process and even after the Results were transmitted?"

The allegations reinforce others by a whistleblower that he was in "The Team" of 56 said to have been hired to alter the transmitted forms.

The whistleblower claims that they were tasked to access forms 34As, edit them then re-upload them to the IEBC portal.