Open letter to the makers of TECNO CAMON 19 Pro

Dear TECNO Mobile Manufacturers,

I will start by sending my unadulterated and sumptuous, scrumptious greetings to you wherever you are.

I know you are busy creating the next gadget to take the market by storm. I request that you spare a minute off your busy schedule to hear my message.

Let me start by saying that I have been using TECNO phones for seven years now. My current gizmo is the TECNO CAMON 19 Pro, which I recently discovered won the "iF Design Awards 2022", a global design competition. To which I agree; the TECNO team truly outdid themselves in designing the CAMON 19 Series gadgets.

I also read somewhere that you TECNO people want people to showcase their experiences through images and that you want to maximize the photography experience. The CAMON series, I have since learned, is actually meant to revolutionize photography and videography. This being my third phone in the CAMON series, I can testify to that fact.

By the way, I have researched deep enough to know that not all phone cameras are created the same. I congratulate you, TECNO makers, for investing in artificial intelligence (AI) that helps my black, melanin-rich skin look the best it can be in the photos I take of myself and my family. It takes machine learning to achieve that excellence. Keep fine-tuning that, guys.

My only problem with the CAMON 19 Pro is that I now have to change estates. With its cute looks, its 6.8-inch full-HD+ screen, and the enviable performance of the gadget that is facilitated with its Android 12 software and HIOS 8.6 user interface, I have become too posh for my current locality. Too cool for my 'hood, some would say.

I paid Sh33,800 to get this phone, which is the recommended price for the CAMON 19 Pro, and I am not regretting it one bit so far. Some of my friends have started saving up to buy it, and I won't tire cheering them on. I keep telling people that this is the perfect gift for those who are wondering what to gift their significant others. A person won't forget the first day they got this phone.

Some of my friends are also considering a trade-in with the TECNO phones they are using. That, too, is a great approach, thanks to the way your company subsidiaries accept trade-ins. May you never stop it.

Dear TECNO makers, I also hear that you are developing a 5G model for the CAMON 19 Pro. Wow, I can't wait to use it and feel the magic of 5G. That is me planning my future plunge into 5G with a TECNO taking me there, hahaha.

Well, I know that.

Anyway, I need new neighbors.



Long-time TECNO user in Nairobi, Kenya