Five beauty business ideas you can start

The beauty business is attracting more entrepreneurs to the multi-billion retail industry than ever before. [iStockphoto]

There is something special about the beauty business that is attracting more entrepreneurs to the multi-billion retail industry than ever before. It’s a colourful and pretty space where people come to play with and create colours, formulas and fragrances, as well as perfect services, all with a mission to help consumers look, feel and smell their best.

Here are some business ideas:

Make-up artist

The explosion of make-up application tutorials across every social media platform has elevated the already magical quality of make-up to an art form. If you are creative, have a love of colour and want to help others feel their best, becoming a freelance make-up artist can be a dream job.

Beauty blogger

You have a way with words, rivalled only by your mad makeover skills and love of lipsticks, shadow palettes and illuminating masks. Those, along with the ability to generate a captivated audience of beauty-philes, are the making of a beauty blogger. 

Small-batch skincare maker

For the eco-conscious indie beauty lover, there has never been a better time to enter the skin and body care industry. The pandemic-era rise in self-care has created a ritualist mentality among many who see the positive effects of body care on overall health.

Mobile salon owner

Mobile salons are great businesses to start if you are a highly skilled hair stylist with a solid client roster and dream of going out on your own. Rather than renting space at a fixed salon location, you can invest in and customise a commercial van or truck with everything you need to operate a salon-on-the-go that reflects your vision. 

Beauty reseller

How many times have you impulsively purchased make-up or skincare products that you couldn’t resist, just for them to sit idle in your make-up bag or on your vanity? You’re not alone. In fact, converting gently used cosmetics into saleable goods is gaining in popularity, thanks to the booming clothing resale market, which has made second-hand a cool and sustainable proposition.