Game ideas for the Easter season

To a lot of people, Easter means spending time with their loved ones. [iStockPhoto]


To a lot of people, Easter means spending time with their loved ones. 

Here are a few game ideas for the season.

Bunny hop: This is a dance competition whereby you gather your entire family, turn on some favourite tunes and everyone can show off their best moves. If you want to be a little ‘extra’ you can incorporate the famous ‘rabbit-y dance’.

The Easter Egg Toss Game: This is one of the easiest Easter games to play, but it’s also a lot of fun. Fill plastic Easter eggs with confetti or water if you’re willing to go outside. Pair up the participants and have them toss the eggs back and forth. If a pair loses their egg, they are eliminated. The winner is the last couple standing.

The Spoon and Egg Race: All you need here is a spoon, eggs and players. But first, the eggs should be boiled. Each player places a hard-boiled egg on a spoon and holds it in their mouth and they race trying to keep their egg balanced. The first person to make it to the finish line with their egg still intact wins.

The Bunny Nose Race: You want to feel cheeky? This requires each family member have a bowl full of cotton balls. Apply some Vaseline or any other sticky jelly on their noses and try to move the cotton balls out of the bowl by using their noses. Whoever moves all of the cotton balls out of the bowl first wins.

Classic Egg Tapping Easter Game: What you need to play is two hard-boiled eggs. One person holds an egg in their hand while the other player taps their egg against it, hoping to break their opponent’s egg without breaking their own. The first person to have their egg cracked loses. This game can be extended by having the winner continue to challenge new opponents and the last one standing with a whole egg after everyone has been challenged wins.

The Egg Rolling Game: This spin on the classic horse race is simple but entertaining for the whole family. Only a slight inclination and a few hard-boiled eggs are required. Each individual stands at the top of the hill and simultaneously rolls their eggs down. The winner is the first individual whose egg reaches the bottom. The steeper the climb, the more exciting it becomes.