Puzzle of missing brothers deepens as police deny snatching the men responsibility


Esther Kerubo, mother to Vincent Motari and Alfred Omboto, who were abducted on March 10, 2022. [Daniel Chege, Standard]

Police in Nakuru have denied claims of abducting two brothers at Kiondoo area. County Criminal Investigation Officer Anthony Sunguti said police did not arrest the two–Alfred Omboto, 38, and Vincent Motari, 25–because they were not under investigation.

The brothers went missing on March 10 from Mr Motari’s house at around noon after they were picked up by four men in civilian clothes who identified themselves as police officers as they wielded handcuffs. 

The two were driven away in a white Subaru and have not been seen since.

Mr Sunguti, who spoke to The Sunday Standard on phone, said police believe the two were abducted by unknown people pretending to be officers. He said the police received the abduction report from the family.

“Believe me, the fact that the brothers have not been found does not mean that we are doing nothing. We are working on the case and justice will be served,” he said.

The family of the two has now said it wants their kin back, dead or alive. Their mother, Esther Kerubo, 75, said she has looked for her sons since they disappeared but in vain.

“Those who took my sons should give them back to me, even if they are dead so I can bury them,” said Mrs Kerubo.

Maxwell Omboto, 79, blamed police for the abduction of his sons. He said if his sons were criminals, they should have been detained at the police station and charged in court.

“Criminals who go missing are always tracked down and found. Why is it difficult to find my sons?” questioned Mr Omboto.

He urged Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i to intervene. Mr Motari has a 10-year-old child, while Mr Omboto is a father of three aged 10, eight and five years. 

According to Beatrice Wanjiru, Mr Motari’s wife, four men came and one of them forcefully entered her house. She said the men accused the brothers of smoking marijuana.

“I could not see him well but he commanded his colleagues to handcuff them and he locked me inside the house,” she said.

Wanjiru reported the matter at Pemways Police Post vide OB 04/13/03/2022. Christine Adhiambo, a neighbour, said she was taking tea when her daughter told her that police were arresting her neighbours.

“When I went to check, I saw the two being put in a white car by four men and it was driven away. I did not see the number plate,” she said.