New milestone for oraimo

It's difficult to keep up with the ever-changing, ever-growing tech industry. But, fortunately for you, that is where they come in. oraimo accessories delivers smart accessories that streamline your everyday experience by constantly researching, evaluating, and releasing new products.

oraimo is known to many for its quality in tech products. The company boasts of 3 awards in the year 2021 alone. What other way to prove that the quality of their products is top tier? Spreading its prowess across 50+ countries, its users have hit a high of 100 million from across the globe.

After venturing into the smart accessories sector, in May 2013, oraimo has produced countless products that aim to improve your day-to-day life.

Offering full freedom, cord-free technology, a premium design, and one-step pairing, is the oraimo FreePods 3 a match for the latest TWS earphones from any other big brand?

With ENC, which ensures better sound quality in calls oraimo FreePods 3 offers efficiency for music lovers and business people.

Everything from the lovely case, powerful bass, water and sweatproof and an intuitive touch sensor, long-lasting comfort, an ergonomic Type-C charging port, what's there not to love about the oraimo FreePods 3?

How does oraimo Freepods 3 tech differ?

One pair, two fits

Clear voice in calls- ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology

Incredibly powerful bass

IPX5, sweat and waterproof

BT 5.2 Chip- Simultaneous low latency

The flex is hugely noticeable – from the three sizes ear fits that allow complete freedom where the silicone tips form a tight seal in your ear canal, a touch sensor that caters to your needs. The voice assistant caters to your needs through technology.

Wireless battery performance

Always be ready: charge 5-min, play 40-min

Power on the go: 8+28 hours playtime

Chances are, you can bring the oraimo Freepods 3 into action at the last minute before commuting or exercise. And when on a longer session, such as being on the road, the case will allow you to charge on the go. You can also watch the indicator increase on the OLED display which is useful to know how long you have to get the case full.

Oraimo's new brand technology allows for full freedom. The unveiling of more gadgets for smarter technology is their number one priority. During the launch in Kenya, earlier this week, a promising statement was made.

"To bring real tech and smarter life to all Kenyans," the CEO of oraimo Kenya said on the launch.

To top it all, those great attributes come at a fair price. Oraimo produces several other products that make your experience with tech very unforgettable. Their e-shop has made it a smooth-sailing process for one to purchase any accessory of choice.

While oraimo's release will primarily focus on its freepods3 and the remarkable features that it offers, one can expect more surprises from the tech giants soon.