A new online platform connecting buyers and sellers

Online buying and selling has become an important part of people’s lives. It has become more popular in Kenya especially after the onset of the pandemic. Online marketplaces offer a new way of exchanging goods and now services, thanks to the new online platform dubbed is an online products and service directory aiming to make buying and selling online easier and transparent.

Products from over 50 industry categories are available on

The new online marketplace whose name features the word duka which translates to shop in Swahili offers an avenue for a wider range of products that are available online. Over 50 industry categories are available on, ranging from agricultural products to hardware and tools, electrical supplies, industrial materials, mechanical spare parts and lots more which are currently not available on other ecommerce platforms.

Service providers can sell online through

An exciting offering from is that service providers can also sell their services online-a feature which was previously not in the ecommerce space. Buyers can find service providers from various industry categories such as; Housekeeping services, Financial and Legal services, Event Planning services, Engineering services, Freelancers and consultants and lots more. 

Sellers receive quotation requests directly from buyers brings customers directly to sellers where buyers can fill a quick form with details of the products or services they are looking for, with specific further details such as their budget, quantity and level of urgency. Sellers on airduka who have the products or services will receive these as leads and they can contact the customers directly and sell their products.

Sellers are not required to pay any commissions to airduka

While other online buying and selling platforms charge a percentage commission on products, airduka does not charge any commission to sellers of products or services. This offers buyers a unique online shopping experience where they will be able to buy products at the original prices set by the sellers.

Affordable subscription packages to choose from

Airduka offers various benefits to sellers on the different paid packages. The free package offers all sellers a free website that will include their products with images, prices and descriptions. From as little as Ksh 1000 a month, sellers on this paid package can register their business with unlimited products, and they can also receive up to five quotation requests from customers monthly. The Ksh 3000 package increases the quotation requests to 15 a month and the sellers also get a trust certificate next to their listing which gives buyers the confidence to engage with them. The premium package for Ksh 9000 a month offers 50 requests from customers every month, a trust certificate and a leading supplier certificate which means those on this package will be identified as leading suppliers in their categories.

Buyers have an easy way to contact sellers directly

Unlike what is available on other online platforms available, buyers using can be able to contact the seller directly about products or services they need. This offers an easier online shopping experience with transparency and accessibility to a direct market for the sellers.