COVID-19: It’s a positive thing when celebrities come out and pronounce their status – CAS Aman

Health CAS Rashid Aman on Tuesday, July 21, lauded Kenyan celebrities who have come out publicly to pronounce their COVID-19 status.

Speaking during the daily COVID-19 briefings at Afya House, Nairobi, CAS Aman encouraged more people to come out as it’s one way to destigmatize the disease.

“Media personalities as I have read in the papers, I think it’s a positive thing when people in high office or who are celebrities or in media, come out and pronounce their status. That is one way to destigmatize the disease,” said CAS Aman.

His statement comes a day after celebrated media personality Jeff Koinange took to social media and declared he tested positive for COVID-19.

The health CAS also urged medical institutions not to turn away patients presenting symptoms of COVID-19, adding that it’s not proper to stigmatize people with the disease.

“Institutions must be prepared for the reality that we have; community transmission of COVID-19. Which mean that we will get people who present with symptoms of COVID-19 in our facilities and we should treat them just like any other person who comes in with symptoms of another disease,” urged CAS Aman.

CAS Aman also announced that the country recorded 397 new cases in the last 24 hours bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 14,168.

The death toll has also risen to 250 after 12 more people died as 642 patients discharged.