Sakaja apologises for flouting COVID-19 rules

The Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja, on Monday, July 20, publicly apologized for going against the directives by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Speaking to the press in Kilimani, Senator Sakaja also resigned as the chair of Senate Adhoc Committee on Covid-19.

"I wish to state that I have resigned from the Ad Hoc Committee that I have been chairing and have notified the speaker of the same with the aim of setting a good example," said the Nairobi Senator.

Sakaja also said he took full responsibility for flouting the COVID-19 rules after being arrested drinking in a lounge past 9 pm.

"On flouting the rules, I was wrong, and I'm sorry. I will face the law like any other Kenya. However, what I found unfair was the harassment meted on my family from Saturday to Sunday. I'm not a fugitive, I was released on a cash bail and if they wanted me to appear, they should have summoned me.

"On Friday it was not official duty. I was not oversighting; I was not looking at what they were doing. I was on the wrong on that one. I agree and I am sorry," said Sakaja.

Sakaja, who had presented himself at the Kilimani Police Station to record a statement, condemned how police officers went to his residence to arrest him for the Saturday incident.

"I'm not a fugitive, why send 50 armed police officers to stake out waiting to arrest me and keep me in the cells for the weekend?" asked Sakaja.

The Nairobi Senator also denied threatening anyone during the arrest following a police report, which stated that he threatened to transfer the officers.

"He incited others not to get away hence was arrested together with three others who refused to give their names for disobeying curfew orders.

"In the course of his arrest, others escaped. While in custody, he was asked to be given free bond but refused to leave cells threatening to transfer all officers within 24 hours," read the report.