COVID-19: 44-year-old woman distributes water to vulnerable families in Isiolo using her motorbike

Hundreds of families countrywide have been affected since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in March.

As more people continue losing their jobs, making it hard to fend for their loved ones, a woman in Isolo county has decided to help some of the most affected families in her area.

Irene Kanana, who has been a water vendor for over 15 years in Isiolo County, decided to stop her business and started distributing water to 20 vulnerable families.

The 44-year-old woman says she identified the families most affected by COVID-19 or lacked water due to disability and delivered the precious commodity twice a week to them.

“There are old people who are at home who were depending on their children to feed them. Now that most of their children got fired, they can’t even afford water. That’s why I decided to do everything I can to help them out, “said Kanana.

Using her motorbike, Kanana can fetch six jerrycans, each containing 20 liters of water at the Isiolo Water and Sewerage Treatment plant in Mwangaza area.

Kanana uses her own money to buy the jerrycans costing Sh5 bob each and fuels her motorbike as well.

“I usually pray to God so that he gives me at least Sh500 per day since I use Sh1000 after fuelling my motorbike. I am glad that I get that money because I know I am helping someone in need,” says Kanana.

However, she challenged the government to allocate the COVID-19 stipend to those who really need it, adding that several vulnerable families in her village don’t receive the regular stipend.