Man who conned Kenyans by claiming to be USAID manager arrested

A 29-year-old cybercrime suspect was arrested by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations after defrauding Kenyans.

Paul Mwangi Njihia is said to have conned Kenyans by claiming to be General Manager, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Rift Valley Region.

According to the DCI, Mwangi is suspected of having created an online profile as the USAID boss and defrauded members of the public looking for jobs.

“The suspect, a former computer technology student at a local university, is suspected to have created an online profile purporting to be the General Manager @USAIDKenya Rift Valley Region where he went ahead and started obtaining facilitation fees from members of the public,” said the DCI.

The victims, who reportedly spent a significant amount of money, were issues with fake gate passes.

“His Job seeking victims who were later issued with FAKE Gate Passes are reported to have sent a substantial amount as facilitation fees to a bank account linked to the suspect,” added the DCI.

The suspect is now in custody, and he will be charged personation and falsely obtaining money from members of the public.