Photo of patient sleeping on bed wiremesh in hospital that has netizens talking

A photograph that went viral on Tuesday, February 25, 2020, of a patient sleeping on a bed without a mattress in a hospital in Kenya has sparked outrage among Kenyans online.

The Photograph posted by singer and rapper, King Kaka, shows a patient in a bad condition on a wire mesh bed.

Kaka, who was not sure about the exact name of the hospital, had initially stated that the hospital was the Homabay referral hospital.

The artiste, however, could not hide his disgust that 50 years after independence some of these problems still exist.

After the intervention of some of his fanatics, who stated that they knew the hospital and was not Homabay he retracted and stated that what matters is that it is still in Kenya.

One, for instance, stated “Sorry bro, that picture was taken at Nyamira teaching and referral hospital” and King kaka replied “Either way it’s still Kenya”.

Kenyans online had a lot to say about the image.

Ontiri Dan - Our leaders and the various mandated authorities have zero reasons to maintain our hospitals properly since they fly overseas for medication whenever their kins or themselves whenever they ail.

Diana - And there is someone called president and a government.

John Kimenyi - And silly Kenyans are busy with the stupid BBI.

Nathaniel Wise - What if the mattress was wet and taken out or something else happened for that singular bed? There should be a number of photos like this to prove a pattern of irresponsibility.

Ian Kones - Is this a hospital for real... This is not treatment but murder.

Festo Langat - If it's wasn't of God grace, i wonder some of us will be.... Total disgrace to Hommabay!