Even as reggae continues on BBI, Ezekiel Mutua warns against playing this song in rallies

Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua on Monday, February 24, 2020, warned against the use of banned songs on BBI rallies.

Addressing journalists, the KFCB boss expressed his disgust towards the view of national leaders dancing to the lyrics of Tanzania's Diamond Platinums' song, Tetema.

He condemned DJs who promote such content and stated that the body will exact their wrath on them once caught.

“It’s disgusting to see national leaders dancing to the tune of those lyrics, DJs promoting those contents will not also be exempted by the regulatory body, we will catch up with them.

"We cannot be led by unpalatable behavior in our society being advanced by leaders even though we assume them innocent since they don’t dictate the contents to be played on,” Mutua warned.

Mutua added that it was in the interest of our culture and national values as incorporated in the Building Bridges Initiative that such songs should not be played.

"We have to promote our culture, national values as incorporated in the BBI and aspirations as well as protecting children against exposure to harmful content.

He further suggested some musicians whose songs could be used in the rallies and cause as much damage as a result of their lyrics.

"There are so many songs like those of Nyashinski, Mercy Masika and Sauti Sol, if organizers do not want those songs, they can hold their rallies before the watershed and after watershed to promote their lewd, vulgar and obscene content which we don’t subscribe to,” he added.

The CEO was mostly disgusted by Tanzania’s Diamond Platinums’s Banned song Tetema that was recently played on one of the rallies.