Ruto dissociates himself from Echesa’s troubles

Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday, February 15, 2020, rubbished the stories going around about his involvement in Ex CS Rashid Echesa’s woes.

Through social media, Ruto termed the stories as a desperate attempt by his political competitors to diminish his stature.

He stated that the smear campaign launched against him was becoming clear even for fools.

“The desperation of my political competitors on their choreographed smear campaign against WsR is evident even for fools (whom we have a shortage for) to see” said the Deputy President.

This was in response to the Sunday Standard Newspaper’s headline that read ‘Detectives Probe Ruto’s aide over Sh40b guns fraud’

He further asked his supporters to be patient and watch the turnout of events.

He advised those competing with him politically to let him serve the nation.

“Just wait and see where this will end up. Washindwe! Go for the fraudsters. Leave me to serve the nation” concluded the DP.

Former CS Rashid Echesa was arrested on Friday, February 14, 2020, in connection to a fake tender deal to supply the government with military surveillance equipment, guns, and ammunition.

His arrest followed a complaint by two gun dealers who claimed he had swindled them Sh11.5 million they had paid as ‘consultancy fees’.