Famous places named after former president Daniel Moi

Kenya’s second president, Daniel Arap Moi died aged 95 at Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday morning. President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the death and declared a period of national mourning. He also said Moi will would receive a state funeral.

A graduate of Kapsabet Teacher’s Training College, Moi was a trained teacher who went on to become Kenya’s longest serving president – from 1978 to 2002.

Moi served as a teacher, Member of Parliament, a Cabinet Minister, Vice-President and finally as the President of Kenya.

The former president will be remembered for his contribution to various sectors of the economy - education, transport, security, sports and health.

Below are famous places named after Moi.

Learning institutions

Moi University, Eldoret

Moi Educational Centre, Nairobi

Moi High School, Gesusu

Moi Girls School - Nairobi, Eldoret, Isinya

Moi Forces High School

Moi High School - Mbiruri (Embu)

Moi High School Kabarak, Nakuru

Moi Primary School, Nairobi

Moi Avenue Primary School, Nairobi

Arap Moi Primary, Nkoroi


Airports and streets

Moi International airport, Mombasa

Moi International airport, Eldoret

Moi Avenue, Nairobi

Moi Avenue, Mombasa

Moi Road, Kiambu Githunguri


Sports facilities

Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani

Moi Stadium, Kisumu


Health facilities

Moi Teaching and referral hospital, Eldoret


Military facilities

Moi Air Base, Nairobi

Moi Barracks, Eldoret