Mixed reactions after matatu ferrying passengers to Kitui BBI rally gets swept by floods

Kenyans on Saturday, February 1, 2020, woke up to the news of a bus which had plunged into River Waani in Makueni county.

The bus was allegedly ferrying 45 passengers to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) rally that was set to be held in Kitui.

In a photograph that went viral, the passengers are seen clinging on the side of the bus which was not immersed in water.

A number of onlookers were also seen watching the ordeal from a distance.

The photograph elicited mixed reactions from netizens who had a lot to say about the irony in the incident.

Paps Ndirangu - building bridges where there are NO BRIDGES LITERALLY...

Derek Wamathai - Instead of #BBInonsence they should have their focus on having better, accessible roads. But then this is Kenya. #wajinga sisi we'll still vote them in come 2022.

Willy PI - The irony.

Fred Silah - Let's Focus on real Bridges to avoid collapsing on Initiative yet to be sure of its realization.

Notorious Kale - You mean to say the Building BRIDGES initiative doesn't involve real bridges.

The Kenya Red Cross stated through their social media accounts that a rescue mission was underway.