Firm to aid Kenyans invest abroad

A Kenyan company has ventured into immigration services with a view to helping Kenyans explore available investment opportunities abroad.

Dubbed Immigration Investment, the service rides on incentives that various countries across the world such as Canada, Cyprus, USA and Ireland offer foreign nationals to inject capital in those countries.

Some of the packages include top-tier visas or permits with a chance of becoming citizens of those countries.

“Since the Kenyan Constitution provides for dual citizenship, a person can take advantage of this opportunity to acquire citizenship in a country like Cyprus,” said Ombo Malumbe, a partner at Ong’anya Ombo Advocates.

“Currently, Cyprus is open to the European Union and that means a lot in terms of investment and market.” The country requires a minimum investment of €2 million (Sh229 million).

On being asked if Kenyans can take advantage of such opportunities considering the statutory requirements are somewhat financially unfriendly, Mr Malumbe said: “If you remember when the demonetisation process was initiated, it was reported that 217 million pieces of Sh1,000 were not in the banking system. Considering 209 million pieces were exchanged it means that people have money and all they need is to expand their risk through diverse investment in foreign countries if the Kenyan market is not suitable to them,” he added