Think ahead, college ends very fast!

While circumstances during my time were different, I cannot help but note that by the time we were in second year, most of my peers were either pursuing an extra course, mostly CPA, while most had already moved out of college or home, or gotten some job on the side.

Time flies. You enroll for a college course, write a few assignments, party a bit, blink, and it is gone. Worse, with most students joining college aged 18 or 19, it is common to have similarly youthful graduates aged 21 or 22.

Throwing this bunch into the deep end can be unfair, but after college you are seen as an adult. Even strict and controlling parents start losing their grip and leave you to your own devices.

Here is the thing, don’t be helpless. While in college, think ahead. Imagine where you would wish to be four years after college.

What neighbourhood you would prefer to live in, the car you would want to drive, where you would wish to have your wedding.

You might never achieve your aspirations but thinking about them can push you out of the comfort zone. I have noticed some youth prefer living with their parents and parents encourage that.

 Some can go jobless for long as parents remain blinded by ‘Boy’ who runs small errands for them. Always think of ways that you can fend for yourself after college.

That is only possible if you made deliberate efforts to think ahead, to apply for that Master’s abroad, looking for that job or spouse and trying to be independent as soon as possible.