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Police probe mystery fire at Kibor son's wheat farm store

A fierce fire destroyed hay worth Sh1.5 million belonging to veteran farmer and politician's son Jackson Kibor on Tuesday.

According to family members, one of the workers who was asleep in the store sustained serious burns.

Mr Kibor's son, Elkana Kipletting, said the store had 4,000 bales of hay collected after a recent harvest of wheat.

He called for investigation into the incident. "I have recorded a statement with the police and I hope that the cause of the inferno is unearthed and justice served," he said.

Mr Kipleting's mother, Naomi Jeptoo, whose marriage to Kibor was annulled by the court on Tuesday, said the fire broke out at midnight.

Efforts to put it out failed.

"I was woken up by my neighbour saying that my son's store was burning. I tried calling Elkana (Kipletting) but he was fast asleep. At the scene, there was nothing to salvage because the entire store was in flames and collapsing," she said.

The incident has shocked the family.

Eldoret West OCPD Zakaria Bitok, who visited the scene, said they had started investigations into the incident.

He said preliminary reports pointed to arson. He added that the injured worker was in a stable condition.

"We have visited the the scene and the son has already recorded a statement. Our officers are currently conducting investigations," said the OCPD.