Sex is destroying us

Sex has brought down politicians with a great vision implicated in scandals, sex has wasted people of great potential, sex has destroyed the vision of families when a husband or wife gets involved in an affair, sex has distracted C.E.Os, has brought down companies, turned people into criminals, blinded young people who lost their way, made others kill and destroyed characters.

Sex is powerful; use it in the right confines and context and you will enjoy it, abuse it and misuse it and it will bring you pain, confusion, darken your soul and waste you.

Many people mess up between teenage-hood and young adult life. We get into teenage-hood with high hopes for life and a powerful vision, ready to take on the world; then we get into relationships that are centered around sex.

The sex is so good, it's a new world of pleasure. We stay in toxic relationships that are heading nowhere; God, family, friends warn us that we are messing up but we side with our destructive lover who is equally as lost as us as we claim "It is us against the world".

Soon, you realize that you don't dream anymore, you threw away opportunities in order to stay with your lover, you hop from club to club wasting your productive years, you drop out of University, you get a chance to go study abroad or to work but you turn it down so that you stick with your lover, you procure abortions, you push away people meant to build you and keep people who encourage your promiscuity.

You spend more time with a lover who won't be there in your future instead of mentors, leaders, teachers, father figures, mother models and destiny helpers who would shape your future; all because of sex.

You lose your way in the name of pleasure. You claim you love that person but it is lust; you are being mistreated but you're so messed up that you stay in your sexual prison, sex keeps you from breaking free; you have lost your bearing.

We are largely a hurting generation. A majority of us are hurting due to relationships that involve sex; either we came from a broken home because our parents lost the vision for their marriage especially due to affairs, or because we involved ourselves sexually with people who we thought loved us only to end being cheated on, and feeling used and broken.

Some of us in our adult life are so hurt and damaged due to these sexual relationships that we have lost the passion to dream and do great things.

We are stuck in jobs we don't want, we feel like failures because our marriage has been messed up by affairs, we feel like we wasted years of our youth, we feel time has gone too fast and it's too late (IT IS NOT TOO LATE).

Some of us are still stuck in sexual turmoil, having sex to get by, having sex to get a job or keep a job, having sex because we feel empty, having sex as we cheat on our spouses.

 A husband or wife with a vision for their marriage will find it difficult to cheat; the vision will keep him/her accountable and faithful. Affairs will ruin you and the vision, the damage is not worth it.

Sex ties the people who engage in it. Have you been tying yourself with the wrong people sexually, have you been tying yourself sexually with people who are destroying your vision, or the vision you had/have for your marriage? It is time to cut those ties and go back to pursuing your vision. There is more to life than sex. Don't destroy all you can be just for an orgasm.