The 30 grown up prayers you need to make

1. Lord, keep me from making excuses why I have not grown spiritually and blaming my pastors, my church, my spouse, my work or friends; if I really want to grow, I will grow.

2. Lord, I give the Holy Spirit control. I admit, I need help, which is why You gave the Holy Spirit as my Helper. I realize that the more I refuse help, the more I struggle and mess up.

3. Lord, reveal to me who You are. I want direct access to You, I want to know You, not know about You.

4. Lord, I know I need to honor my father and mother. If I have brought them dishonor in any way, forgive me.

5. Lord, keep me from being a reckless and irresponsible adult blaming my childhood and upbringing, help me to step up and mature and make my own wise choices.

6. Lord, teach me to forgive others. To hold grudges is a sign of immaturity, help me to grow up.

7. Lord, teach me to accept correction, keep me from holding on to my ego that I don’t see my wrong, keep me from justifying my faults, help me to be humble enough to ask for forgiveness.

8. Lord, if there is an ex or someone I dated or someone who thought we were dating or someone I was a couple with who I hurt in the past in any way, forgive me. May You teach them to move on from the pain I caused them, if they have spoken any curse against me or wished me harm, may You grant me mercy and keep me from Your wrath.

9. Lord, as I forgive others, help me to forgive myself. As You forgive me, help me to forgive myself. Keep me from being the voice that condemns me.

10. Lord, help me to love myself with Your love, only when I love myself Your way will I be able to love others as I love myself.

11. Lord, work on my self-esteem, may I find my identity in You, not in my complexion, my tribe, my race, the size of my penis, the size of my breasts, my curves, my money, my education, my fame, my being circumcised or non-circumcision.

12. Lord, transform my mind that I may be able to know Your will and when the want of my heart is not in line with Your will, help me to put down my selfish wants and follow Your will.

13. Lord, reveal to me Your purpose for my life, give my life direction. Let me not waste the breath and time You’ve given me. Help me to do exploits.

14. Lord, help me to live by the spirit and not the flesh; feed my spirit, I will starve my flesh. Help me not to be self-seeking, teach me to be selfless.

15. Lord, help me to grow in the fruit of the Spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control.

16. Lord, teach me to respect those of the opposite gender, to speak to them with love and respect, help me to unlearn any stereotypes that society has taught me, help me to see them through Your eyes.

17. Lord, help me to desire depth, to have eternity in mind so that I see people as human spirits; this will keep me from exploiting them, taking advantage of them and seeing them as sex objects.

18. Lord, help me to have sexual discipline, that sexual arousal and my sexual organ will not lead me on the path of lust.

19. Lord, tame my hot temper, tame my tongue, tame my need for revenge.

20. Lord, help me not to run away from challenges, help me not to be a quitter when things get tough, be my anchor during storms, give me a strong back as You add to my responsibilities.

21. Lord, renew my strength when I get weary, find me when I get lost, rebuke me when I rebel, keep me grounded and in check.

22. Lord, keep me from being the reason why people are stressed, worried or in problems; help me to be an asset wherever I go, help me to offer solutions.

23. Lord, in as much as I want peace in my life, help me to be peaceful with others; in as much as I want a good marriage, help me to be loving; in as much as I want success, let me be hardworking and smart working; in as much as I want to live long, help me to eat healthy and live right.

24. Lord, give me the power to walk away from temptation, the strength to look away from toxic addictions and the courage to rise above peer pressure.

25. Lord, surround me with the right kind of people, reveal to me the caliber of friends surrounding me and if any of them is fake or a stumbling block, give me the integrity to separate myself from them.

26. Lord keep me from turning my spouse into an idol, keep me from turning my success into an idol. If I have elevated anything above You or given a person or a thing the power to draw me away from You, correct me.

27. Lord, as You give me success, keep me from looking down on people who are not at my level. Keep me from being proud.

28. Lord, keep me from being jealous of those who seem to be a level above me, help me to celebrate the success and progress of others as I live at my pace.

29. Lord, as I take care of my character, take care of my reputation, may I gain favor.

30. Lord, bless me so that I may be a blessing. Teach me not to live only for me.

© Dayan Masinde

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