Kenyans up in arms online after Matiang’i declared NRM an organized criminal group

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i has outlawed National Super Alliance (NASA)’s National Resistance Movement (NRM).

In a Gazette Notice dated January 30th 2018, Dr Matiang’i declared NRM an organised criminal group as per the Prevention of Organised Crimes Act, 2010.

This came moments after NASA leader Raila Odinga was ‘sworn in’ as the People’s President in a packed Uhuru Park.

National Resistance Movement is no criminal group- it is just another option that Kenya believes in more than they do in their current government and that scares some individuals #NASAOathDay— Aquinas Nzomo (@AquinasNzomo) January 31, 2018

"National Resistance Movement" I really wonder whether CS Matiang'i is sober.. How can you declare NRM as organized criminal group and yet you are not talking about Mungiki Nairobi business community? You're being used in the wrong way

— TITUS (@TitusWexaopicho) January 31, 2018

The National Resistance Movement will still stand. It is not a must we call it NRM we can change the name to something else. The people remain the same. @FredMatiangi is just confused. #NASAOathDay #NASASwearingIn #FreedomIsComing #Resist

— Abala Kinyua. ???????? (@AbalaKinyua) January 31, 2018

Between Nairobi business people (Mungiki),Chinkororo and we the voice of majority National Resistance Movement who is the outlawed gang?Nkt!— @Sen. Busolo_Aggrey (@BusoloAggrey) January 31, 2018

Gov't of Kenya labels National Resistance Movement NRM as organised criminal gang following swearing in of Raila Odinga as people's president

— Mount Kenya Monitor (@mt_kenyamonitor) January 30, 2018

I dont understand at what level did the "National Resistance Movement" become a criminal organisation when Nairobi itself is full of criminal gangs making our lives a living hell. This country will kill me with its misplaced priorities ????????#RailaSwearingIn #NASAOathDay— Terry Leakes (@TerryLeakes_254) January 30, 2018

Finally, it's no secret that Raila Odinga's National Resistance Movement (NRM) has been declared a criminal group in line with 2010 constitution. Period

— #ComeOnChelsea #BLUEZ #cfc |Kenya| (@bluez_fc) January 30, 2018

National Resistance Movement you had your day and you thought the government would just be quiet? Get serious. It's a game you play your card and the ke-gov gets their turn. Chill out. Kuweni wapole....the cinema continues— MosesToday (@NjorogeMG) January 30, 2018

If @FredMatiangi can declare the National Resistance movement worthy more than 5M followers a criminal organization,what will we declare the dreadlocks men calling themselves Nairobi Business Men led by Kuria as. Crime qualification has changed in kenya.— musungu kelvin (@musunguk) January 30, 2018

"National Resistance Movement" There are things that Kenyans just can't stop being
we're doomed nation.

— Cyrus Rotich (@CyrusRotich5) January 30, 2018

So National Resistance Movement is outlawed gang of criminals but Nairobi Business Community is a conglomerate of entrepreneurs... Isoraite
Whatever you sow, sit pretty & wait for the harvest.
Good night #KOT— James Mutinda (@JMutinda_snr) January 30, 2018