Ruto displays statesmanship, spares Opposition his usual barbs

Reconciliatory:  Deputy President William Ruto  welcomes President Uhuru Kenyatta to address the nation during Jamhuri Day celebrations on Tuesday in Nairobi . [Beverlyne Musili]

Welcoming President Uhuru Kenyatta to address the nation during Tuesday’s Jamhuri Day celebrations, Deputy President William Ruto didn’t cut his usual the combative picture. He had no brickbats for the Opposition while sounding reconciliatory.

While thanking those who voted for Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee he didn’t forget to have a good word for the Opposition.

“NASA provided meaningful competition, he said.”

 Added Ruto: “The Journey under President Uhuru Kenyatta must involve all Kenyans and leaders irrespective of how you voted so that our future is great than our present.”

On the other hand the President fired mild broadsides at the Opposition without mentioning Raila Odinga other NASA bigwigs.

“Disagreement must not result to discord,” he said asking Kenyans to reject what he termed as “politics of divisiveness.”

Emphasising national stability he said: “You will have fifth or tenth president but not a third or fourth Kenya,” adding that pursuit of politics for politics’ sake was a thing of the past.

The President also spoke against what he described as the mentality of “bringing others down in order for you to go up.”

“There has to be a paradigm shift,” he urged.

The President said feedback from his 700 campaign sorties   in the past three months revealed that Kenyans were a bitter and poor lot that need to be yanked out of those circumstances.

He has therefore come up with a plan to improve food security, housing, manufacturing and healthcare to which he vowed his administration will not relent on pushing.

To boost local production, the President banned imports of military boots in the interests of local leather production. He, however warned against shoddy jobs saying the men in uniform deserved the best.

In what must have been music to the ears of manufacturers, an order was also given to destroy counterfeits on seizure with corrupt officials being assured of dismissal and prosecution.