How you can get easy money for your Christmas holiday

Christmas holiday is here and the money is needed!

By the way, Christmas and New Year is just a few weeks away. Do you have money? In January, will you most likely be complaining that it is “njaa-nuary”, let that not be your story.   

Come close, this is how you can get a cool KSh 250,000 legally before the end of the year. It does not involve digging tunnels (pun intended).  Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Look for three friends, including yourself and register a team of four HERE to be part of the SDE Race. Pick friends that are smart, fun and creative. There is no age limit.

Pick friends that are smart, fun and creative

Step 2: After you register your team of four, you will be required to participate in an online challenge. The SDE Race is in two parts - online puzzles and an on-ground treasure hunt across Nairobi. That is why we advise that you pick really smart team members. Ok?

Your team will only be eligible for the treasure hunt if you succeed in the online challenge. The secret is to search through and solve the online puzzles as fast as you can.

I repeat, this is why we recommend that you choose really smart friends to be part of your team. There are hidden clues on our articles, videos, Facebook page and the SDE APP.

There will be many teams competing for the grand prize of KSh 250,000. The faster you find the clues, the closer you will be get to winning the cash prize. I repeat, get smart friends!!

Step 3: If your team is successful in finding the online clues, you will proceed to the final stage. This stage will not only test the speed of your team, but creativity as well. Only 20 teams will qualify for the last and final stage - the Treasure Hunt!

The Treasure Hunt will involve a fun search for clues within Nairobi city centre. Teams will be given various tasks and challenges that will involve competing against each other in finding clues.

Do not worry about sweating or running around using a boda boda. Relax! We will provide you with chauffeur services courtesy of Taxify cabs. You will be taken around town as you search for the clues given to you. You won’t even break a sweat!

The cash prize will be presented at the awesome 40Forty in Westlands. Here you’ll enjoy the ambience, comfort, some good music  and view of Nairobi’s night life  as you ponder over the Khs 250,000!

Remember, the jackpot is KSh 250,000. The strategy to win is to get very smart people to be part of your team. All the best and Merry Christmas!!