Decoration on matatus should be decent

The late Minister for Transport, John Michuki, enacted the famous Michuki Rules to bring sanity on the road. Additionally, matatu drivers and conductors were required to wear badges and uniforms. PSVs had to have a visible yellow line painted on them.

But today, the relaxation of the regulation has given room such that matatus are allowed to have decorations and other messages. The beautiful messages and artistic drawings are sometimes good, but some are becoming a nightmare to Mombasa residents.

Some of these drawings have brought shame. They have naked, weird drawings of naked women, unpleasant messages and bad videos. Generally, drawings which are not decent. Let matatus conform their drawings to decency, putting in mind that this is a tourist town.

The matatus can put drawings of beaches, Fort Jesus, Likoni Ferry among other tourist attraction. Also during this election period, they can carry messages of love, peace and unity.

The messages on the matatus should not make parents be ashamed to board them when they are with their families.