14 lessons from the Supreme Court of Kenya we all need to learn

1. The international community may say what they wish but a people must chart their own national destiny

2. Peace is brought about by real and perceived justice, not just a mere call for "Peace peace peace"

3. A win is best when there are no grounds to dispute it. The win is informed by the process

4. It is OK to respectfully disagree, as long as the disagreement is based on substance

5. Every judicial decision is a precedence for tomorrow. Whoever conducts future elections will look back at this decision and be challenged to do things above board

6. Democracy is expensive and can be painstaking. We are back to the ballot in 60 days

7. Elections are not just about numbers but a people collectively feeling we had a smooth, clean and orderly way of shaping our next five years

8. Justice trickles down from the apex court down the system

9. Kenya is brave enough to make tough and unprecedented decisions, thus Kenya is a leader

10. There is hope that Kenya is progressively shaping to be a country governed by laws and institutions that must adhere to laws

11. A nation is not a nation if it does not listen to the dissatisfaction of its own people

12. We as citizens can make emotional outbursts and irrational posts on social media but the law calms us down to soberness. The law is not emotional or partisan

13. Whoever wins in the upcoming Presidential election, must win in a fair, clear, smooth and credible manner

14. In this decision, there is no winner or loser. The future of Kenya has won in that we demand the highest standard in how we conduct our affairs as the Great country of Kenya

© Dayan Masinde