Reasons NASA leaders did little to protect the presidential vote

We are back to the very Supreme Court the opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) leadership promised not to indulge simply because they did not do what they promised to protect the vote, particularly presidential election vote. Observations by various NASA supporters across the country during and after the August 8, General Election reveal NASA’s blunders that have occasioned the current stalemate. One, NASA did not have party agents in all the polling stations across the country to protect the vote. In polling stations where there were NASA agents, they were poorly coordinated, looked tired and disinterested. Many did not have smart phones to take pictures of forms 34As or scan the forms. This is why political pundits have concluded that the August 8, elections were largely decided by agents.

Two, it is now dawning on many Kenyans that NASA did not have that much hyped high tech parallel tallying centre its support base had been made to believe. Three, the so-called principals did not deliver. Rigging allegations aside, Isaac Ruto and Moses Wetangula failed Raila Odinga. Just look at Jubilee party performance in Bungoma and Bomet counties alone and you can conclude that these two “principals” were just joy riders! Simple. Finally, the outcome of the just concluded election confirmed a disconnect between political issues at the national level and in the grassroots. The agenda to fight corruption and foster “social” development have not resonated well with the masses in the constituencies.