The confusing prayers of NASA and Jubilee

ANGEL 1: Supreme God, I am here presenting prayers from NASA, NASA are asking You to grant them victory in the elections

ANGEL 2: Supreme God, I bring You prayers from Jubilee. They are claiming You will give them victory

ANGEL 3: And I bring prayers from Third Way Alliance. They are praying that You do a miracle with them like that of David who defeated Goliath

ANGEL 4: Supreme God, who will You give victory to?

GOD: I am not pleased

ANGEL 3: Why God?

GOD: Because a majority of Kenyans have turned their prayers into political battles. It's now a competition of projecting who is closer to Me than the other

ANGEL 2: Why do they only pray this much when it nears the elections?

GOD: Exactly. Look at all these prayers streaming in all over sudden. Then in a few weeks time, a majority will go quiet.

ANGEL 5: We are getting prayers from men who mistreat their wives, don't they know that their cruelty at home hinders their prayers? Men who have rejected their children and Your ways are insincerely crying to You

ANGEL 6: We are also receiving prayers from women who are so full of hatred, and Your word clearly says that before someone approaches You in prayer, they need to make peace with the one they are angry with and then come and pray

ANGEL 4: Peace. They are asking for peace yet peace starts with them. Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God

ANGEL 5: I am sorry Lord, they are using You as a campaign tool. Forgive them

GOD: I forgive them. I only desire that they seek to grow because they are just going round and round in circles. The plans I have for Kenya are great. No eye has seen, no ear has heard. But they are distracted by meaningless things. Their biggest strength is their unity but they are divided even in their homes. Where there is unity, I command my blessings. If only each of them prayed "Lord, teach me to love, teach me to treat others with respect, help me to be an agent

ANGEL 3: As they get agents for their political parties, it will be wonderful for You Supreme God to have human agents in Kenya

GOD: I do have them. I have agents there, a remnant but they are largely silent. They hide. They are not the salt and the light of the world as they should be. And even when they arise, a majority of them only arise when there is an emergency, when there is impending danger that's when they react in panic. Then when I calm the storm, they relax

ANGEL 1: We need Kenya to be strong. Kenya is too important to be average. What will You have us do?

GOD: Round up all the angels assigned to Kenya. Give them this instruction. Tell them to go and speak this message to Kenyans, that a better Kenya is beyond politics, that a better Kenya does not rest on a political event that happens every five years but what each Kenyan does every day. Show them they can be an army of love of 48 million people. Inspire them to reconcile with each other, let spouses live in peace at home, let children have a healthy relationship with their parents, let enemies forgive each other, let the hatred at the work place come to an end, let fairness reign supreme. Tell Kenyans they lose the bigger picture when they think politics is the answer. Tell each Kenyan to look at self and start the change from within. Tell them I don't want prayers from hearts that do not want to change. Tell them prayer is not an event but a lifestyle.Tell them I love them. Tell them I will never forsake them

ANGEL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: To You be all the glory

© Dayan Masinde