5 things you need to know about “fat women”

When a controversial columnist published an article in a leading daily recently entitled “Fat Women, let’s tackle this elephant in the Room”, I was not sure if these were her personal sentiments or if her deranged tirade against fat women developed from a fat woman that stole a lover from her. Whichever way it is, her article was in very bad taste. Rather than provoke an adult discussion on overweight persons and obesity, it has degenerated into a word fight of profanity and indecency. Here are five things the writer needs to know about fat women.One, fat women are beautiful human beings that happen to be fat. Just because a person does not fit social norms of “beauty” does not make them a “bad” person. As a woman in a man’s world saturated with subjective notions of women and beauty, I think she is smart enough to empathize with the condition of overweight women.Secondly, being fat does not make someone lazy. This is something continuously stated in her article which is just not true. A fat woman is not any lazier than a skinny woman.
Thirdly, there are other factors that lead women to be fat other than poor diet and lack of exercise. Genetics and socialization have a major part to play in the rising number of fat women. The objectification and sexualisation of women in the mass media also does a lot to lower the self-esteem of those that feel they cannot match up.Fourthly, being fat is a condition that needs to be addressed carefully; much the same way alcoholics or addicted smokers are supported in getting over their bad habits. Embarrassing fat women in a public forum is not very helpful.
Lastly, the female writer needs to look in the mirror. The last time I checked, she was not Miss Universe! Before she goes out castigating other women, she needs to look at herself. She will quickly realize, “She is far from perfect”. A final word of advice, remove the log in your eye before lecturing fat women on the speck in theirs. Work on improving yourself. Let others wrestle with their demons.