Why I had to let go that beautiful woman

"Hey, how is Kanana, you two have had sex? She must be great in bed, have you seen her butt?" Clemo asked Daudi.

"No, we haven't had sex. In fact, I let her go. She and I can't have a future together" said Daudi.

"What?! Are you out of your mind, a hot woman like Kanana gives you a chance and you don't take it?" Said a shocked Clemo.

"I must admit, she is hot" said Daudi.

"She is beyond hot, she is smoking hot. Most women, if they are endowed with a butt, they don't have major boobs; or if they have killer boobs, the butt isn't much. But Kanana has both boobs and butt, a deadly smile, a sexy voice, she dresses to kill. She slays literally every day" said a passionate Clemo.

"Bro, if you're that wowed by Kanana, why not try a chance with her?" Daudi said smiling.

"If I had a chance, I'd be on top of her as we speak. Eh, I wouldn't keep my hands off her" jerked an excited Clemo.

"Aah, so it's all about the body? You see how when you focus on the body, it's so easy to be driven by lust? You don't even want to know her mind and heart, you're just thinking of sexing and touching her goods" Daudi spoke.

"I am just being a man" Clemo justified himself.

"No, you're being a boy. A grown man desires to love a woman, not just sex her. A boy gets excited about butts and boobs, thighs and smiles, hits on an innocent woman, bangs her then leaves her after he is done because sex alone is empty. But a grown man gets attracted to a woman's inner being, pursues her, unwraps her, commits to her, marries her, makes love to her, protects her and grows old with her" said Daudi.

Clemo kept quiet.

"I am too grown to be with a woman with whom I am not going anywhere with, I need to be specific about the woman I will love for life. Kanana is physically beautiful but beauty is not enough" said Daudi.

"As I got to interact with her, I realized she's not my kind of woman. I found her to be superficial, we struggled in our conversation, she is arrogant and insecure, she is full of pride perhaps because she knows men want her. I am not looking for a woman that I will want, but one I will need; a life partner, a support system. I need mature conversations, I need depth, I need a woman after God's own heart, I need a woman who is not afraid to have fun and laugh just because she is too self-conscious about her image, I need intimacy that is beyond sex, I need a woman who speaks and I stand amazed, I need a woman who can challenge my intellect. Sometimes I look at Kanana's online posts and I cringe. She is just not meant for me, maybe for another man. I am looking for a woman who can build a family with me, a home maker" added Daudi.

"I still can't believe you didn't have sex with her. I mean, you could have sex with her at least to taste her sex even if you won't commit to being a couple" said Clemo.

"And hurt her? And make her feel more like a sex object like other men? And make her feel that all she has to offer is her body? No. I wouldn't. I don't have sex for my own selfish desires, I make love for intimacy between me and the woman I will love for life" said Daudi.

"What did she say when you told her you two can't be?" Asked Clemo.

"She felt bad but respected my decision. It was easy for both of us to accept that reality since we hadn't gotten too close. An honourable man is not just one who will treat right the woman who will be his wife, but also the women he will meet before he finds his wife"

© Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech