10 scenes a man experiences if he is loving a woman who loves God

1. "The glow on her face"

There is a shine a woman who has been with and is with the Lord has. You see her and see peace, love, safety; you see God

2. "Her forgiveness"

Yes man, you will wrong her, or disappoint her one day. You will say something that doesn't come out right or do or not do what is expected of you. But a woman who loves God will not find it difficult to forgive you

3. 'Her prayerful ways"

How calming it is to have a woman who prays for her man, a woman who holds your hand and prays for you, a woman who prays with you and the kids

4. "Her will to avoid a fight"

Blessed are the peacemakers. A woman who loves God will sense a looming fight or argument coming between you two when tensions rise, and her surrender to God causes her to control herself, say little or give you some space so that you talk when things cool down

5. "Her cover over you and your family"

The woman builds or breaks a home. A woman who loves God nurtures and protects her home, not just with her prayers but also how she Godly governs affairs of the home

6. "The depth of her romance"

God is a romantic God. A woman who loves God has an innocent, rich, beautiful and sincere romance about her. Her kisses taste sweet with the blessings of God

7. "Her genuine criticism and advice"

A woman who loves God will not watch you walk into fire and do nothing. She would not shy from correcting you but will do so in love. Her wisdom comes from God and her advice is worth putting to consideration

8. "Her worship of God"

One of the most beautiful scenes to watch, is to see a woman basking in God's presence, worshipping her God either closing her eyes, lifting her hands or lost in serenades for her Lord. It makes a man respect her more and love her more because the man knows her God, their God is watching

9. "Her submissive nature"

A woman who has surrendered to God has no problem submitting to her man as they both submit to God, being led by God

10. "Her ability to see deeper and further"

A woman who loves God sees more than the man's riches, success or potential; she sees him as a person. She is able to look into his eyes, read his face or hear his tone of voice and know if he is Ok or not. Her hug and touch warms up comfort, her reassuring eyes tell him to trust her. With her God-given love and big heart she is able to penetrate to the deepest and intimate corners of a man's heart that no one else can go to.

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