Bomet Woman Representative in the National Assembly has said that the urge to leave a legacy amongst the people she serves is the main reason behind why she has decided to vie for the position of MP in the next general election.

Mrs. Cecilia Ngetich who has been the area woman rep for the last four years will not seek reelection for the same position in next year’s general election but will be vying for the position of Member of Parliament for Sotik Constituency after the current MP who is also the Deputy speaker in the national Assembly Dr. Joyce Laboso declared her candidature for Bomet gubernatorial seat in the 2017 election after serving Sotik for two terms.

Mrs. Ngetich a career secondary school teacher while speaking at a press briefing in Bomet town said she is keen on changing the livelihoods of her constituents and she would do so effectively through being a constituency MP which has more resources at its disposal which can be used to implement a number of live improving development projects to the people unlike as a woman rep which is basically an oversight role with no resources allocated to for development agenda.

“It is not money I am looking for because basically we earn the same as constituency MPs, we sit in the same parliament but they are in charge of constituency funds unlike us who play oversight roles throughout the whole of the county which is five constituencies in Bomet. By being a constituency MP I will have more influence to improve the lives of people through being able to plan with the people how funds allocated to the constituency is used to implement projects that will impact positively on the people I lead.” She said.

She pointed out that another crucial issue that came up is the fact that Dr. Laboso will be seeking the county governor seat and her going for another county seat will reduce their chance of winning either of the positions which will further jeopardize the gender rule which stipulates that no gender shall have more than two thirds being elected to leadership roles in political and professional realms.

Mrs. Ngetich insisted by running for the position of MP she would be giving one more chance to another woman from the region to get elected to a position because the position of woman rep is already reserved for women which means it is a position that women are sure will not be contested for by the male gender.

On why the women and youth fund had failed to change the livelihoods of the intended targets, Mrs. Ngetich said lack of public participation and knowledge of how to apply for the funds had impeded the use of the funds.

“I think what should be done is an overhaul of the whole fund and find a way it can be used to make it easier for target groups to get the funds and engage in viable income generating activities. This can be done through formation of co-operative societies which produce certain products in large quantities that will attract a good market for better returns and ensure sustainability of the projects.” She said.