The over 50 former civic leaders led by the chairman of Former Councilors’ Forum Mr. Samuel Barbaret said the presidency was a symbol of unity and appealed to the DP to respect other leaders if he expected the same from them.


While speaking to press after the forum's meeting in Bomet town, they took issue with the Deputy President and other leaders who accompanied him recently to various functions in Konoin and Bomet Central constituencies for openly condemning Bomet governor Isaac Ruto for all manner of short comings in the region.

The former civic leaders said the country’s constitution allowed for the formation of different political parties in the country and hence there was nothing wrong with governor Ruto establishing his own political party.

The Bomet governor parted ways with United Republican Party (URP) stalwarts to form Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) prior to the former being folded with other over 10 parties to form the Jubilee Party which President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy will use in the next general election to seek re-election to the state house.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta has not fought leaders in Central region forming own parties and we wonder why the DP was so jittery over governor Ruto’s new party in the Rift Valley,” Mr. Alexander Chepkwony former the Chairman of the defunct Bomet County Council said.

He pointed out that it was not true as alleged at various functions by the DP that the governor had preferred the existence of solid waste dumpsite in Bomet at the expense constituent college of Moi university in the region.

“The dumpsite located in Bomet town was in existence during our tenure as civic leaders of both the defunct Bomet county council and Municipality and not a new development as other leaders may want Kenyan belief,” He added.

The controversy surrounding the establishment of a constituent college of Moi university was finally sorted out by a high court resolution early this year and the college has seen opened for studies with over 200 students regular students being enrolled for various degree programs in the September in take.

The former civic leaders said they respected the DP’s ambition for the top seat in the year 2022 but told him to tread carefully and respect other leaders lest he throws away his opportunity when the time came.

Mr. Barbaret said area residents and leaders have always respected the DP as the top Kalenjin leader in the country but cautioned him that if he did not accord the area governor the respect he deserved then the region will also shun him in his bid for presidency in 2022.

"We have a right to give him the same treatment he is giving our own leader." Mr. Barbaret said a sentiment held by his colleagues.

In a turn of tone the leaders requested the DP to help them have their gratuity paid out instead of devoting most of his energies undermining governor Ruto.

The former civic leaders jointly underscored the importance of leaders working towards uniting their subjects and spurring economic development in their respective regions as that was what was expected of them as a duty to the Kenyans who voted for them.