Bomet County Public Service Board vice chair Ms. Eunice Benson has said the reports that the county employed majority of locals in various position as reported in a section of local press recently is close to the truth on ground.

“Bomet county is homogeneous thus it is no surprise that a major composition of the government workforce is homogeneous. At some point last year the composition was around 98% compared to 78.7% which was quoted in the local press.” She said.

The Board’s chair Amb. Joshua Terer declined to comment on the claims saying he had not seen the report on survey carried out by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) which listed Bomet County as the first in counties employing locals in the county government.

While speaking on telephone from Nairobi where he said he had gone for a seminar, Mr. Terer said he would be returning to Bomet on Wednesday 5th October and would be reached at his office the following day on Thursday where he would comment on the status after reading the report.

NCIC is the body that is led by former speaker Francis Ole Kaparo and mandated to bring cohesion of different communities in the country in order to promote peaceful coexistence among the varied communities in the country through various means including ensuring county governments promote employment of a third of people of non-locals according to the constitution.