Security guards can help police fight crime

President Uhuru Kenyatta has always said that security starts with Kenyans themselves. In Tanzania and Ethiopia, an individual cannot visit a village without the local chief or elder or the authorities being informed. A stranger must be known and identified; however, not in Kenya.

Security has been the most important element in Kenya these few years. Without security there is no peace. In Kenya, false information attracts a jail term, so Kenyans are mean with information lest they be jailed.

How many security firms are there in Kenya? Where l reside, I can count over 20 security guards from various companies, who are stationed at private homes, companies or offices. Do they share security information with their bosses? Are they permitted to share security information with the locals? One guard once told me that they have firm instructions to hear no evil or see no evil except where they are stationed or are guarding. The reason is the cumbersome regulations in Kenya when you report a crime, the procedures and court appearances, can make a person lose his/her job.


Information is power and if some regulations hinder information from reaching security personnel, let the authorities see how the laws in place can be changed to allow security officers to get information from security companies but not victimize them.

Let security guards be allowed to pass important information to their superiors who can send the information to the police. Some security companies are better-placed than police officers to gather information from the areas they guard. Let security firms have better relationship with the police to enhance security.

Even if we have CCTV cameras installed in many areas, they are useless without cooperation of all stakeholders. Kenyans are very friendly, but not with their immediate neighbors. Let Kenyans know their neighbors and help in maintaining security. Any information on security is vital in this era of terrorism.