Kenyan women are flower girls

Several people have declared their candidature to be president of Kenya but we have not heard or seen any woman publicly declaring her interest in becoming the president of Kenya despite the prevailing wind. In Britain, Theresa May has taken over as the prime minister of Britain, in German, Angela Merkel is the chancellor while in America they want to make history by voting in Hillary Clinton as the first American woman president.

Hillary Clinton has gone through a lot and seen it all and she is standing. In Kenya, the women who have declared their candidature for governorship, you cannot bet on them as they are 1%, while those standing for senator are unknown despite many senators vying for governorship. What about those vying to become MP’s? That is when we see some women, but very few.

Women can come out and give Kenya a new beginning. Most women fear their spouses, while others fear violence, name branding and also some lack funds. Some women voters will not vote for fellow women, how will you expect women to win? A man once commented that if two women meet, they view each other with a lot of suspicion. This is a drawback to women.

Another challenge to women is does a woman vie where she married or where she was born?  Let women who have access to funding invite women with leadership qualities for conferences or forums, so that they educate the women on ways to go about and endorse them to vie. I applaud women in Kisii who have called a forum to educate fellow women who want to vie. Most voters in Kenya are women.