Spare teachers unnecessary torment

The problems bedeviling the education sector, especially issues revolving around students’ indiscipline and behaviour problems, cannot be effectively resolved by teachers. They can only do so much because of the laws endorsed to manage the sector.

Teachers have been blamed for the rising unrest cases in schools. It is said they are either poorly prepared or are completely unable to handle the situations.

The interdiction of Itierio High School principal after students burned seven dormitories, yet he was in Mombasa attending a conference is a good example of blaming the wrong person. The ministry should hire professional managers to run schools in a bid to curb destruction and a host of other vices, and allow teachers acquire skills they require to perform their tasks effectively.

This will see schools run like universities and colleges where teachers are not directly involved in the administrative duties. They only teach and assess students. The managers will ensure schools have proper disciplinary systems that work in the ‘modern’ way teachers have been portrayed as unable to cope.