CORD should shun away demonstrations

Kenyan constitution is the only oracle granted the powers of evicting IEBC officials and not indecisive demonstrations. CORD co-principals are well aware of this and I am bewildered as to why they are using barbaric means to terminate the IEBC stalemate. Bump into keen and indiscreet CORD supporters and you will hear them claim they have sorely missed ''teargas Monday''.

This is hooliganism of the highest degree which should never be condoned in our beloved nation. Why should adamant and rowdy youths accept to be misused in an attempt to achieve a Coalition's political interests?

During last anti-IEBC demonstrations which were overwhelmed by ruckus, three youths succumbed to gun shots in Kisumu and Siaya counties. Violent demos are uncalled for especially when the eagerly awaited 2017 general elections are edging nearer.

If CORD officials won't desist from their baseless demonstrations, the political climate may remain turbulent. Kenyans are advocating for phenomenal peace not chaos, because the 2007/2008 horrible scenarios are still vivid in the minds of the post-election violence victims. CORD co-principals should understand that IEBC disbandment can only bear fruits if it goes through parliament.