Cord leaders should be sincere to their supporters

On Tuesday afternoon, internet almost crashed when news emerged that CORD leader Raila Odinga and his co-leader Moses Wetangula were at State House. Initially, it was thought that the President had finally agreed to CORD's call for dialogue, but as news continued to trickle in, it emerged that the two leaders were at State House for a different cause all together. And this is what makes me believe that our leaders are not sincere with their supporters.

We have heard numerous calls for the IEBC commissioners to resign and pave way for a new team. The calls have been across the board with everyone seemingly having lost confidence in the current commission. Leaders from both political divides have called on the commissioners to resign and the religious leaders have not been left out either. However, majority of these groups have insisted on having a structured dialogue save CORD, which resorted to demonstrations every other Monday in a bid to send the commissioners packing.

After the last demonstrations, which claimed a number of innocent lives, CORD leaders seemed to backtrack on this. However, in their call for dialogue, they issued conditions to the ruling coalition. One of the conditions is that, the commissioners must first resign before any talks commence. This practically puts the whole process on the rocks bearing in mind that the decision for IEBC commissioners to vacate office squarely lies with the Parliament and the commissioners and not the ruling coalition.

That aside, in their call for demonstrations, CORD leaders have almost made their supporters believe that President Uhuru and his deputy are their worst enemies. They have made their masses believe that CORD leaders and Jubilee leaders cannot share a table. Every day insults are peddled between Kenyans who support the two coalitions on the assumptions that their leaders are in the same scenario as well.

The Tuesday meeting, however, suggested otherwise. Those who were keen would easily notice how happy the CORD leaders looked for having been invited to State House for a luncheon. One incident clearly captured my imagination on how the former premier was chatting with Hon. Nkaissery and Hon. Duale. He was completely carried away with the events of the day clearly pointing to the fact that, contrary to assumptions, these leaders were best of friends. The jovial mood exhibited could easily make any reasonable Kenyan feel ashamed for having believed their words.

Yet on Wednesday, the leaders were yet again at Uhuru park breathing venom before their supporters. That is how far these leaders can take Kenyans for granted who in their ignorance, have come to believe that these leaders are worst of enemies.

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