Teachers frustrated by new medical scheme

Teachers were recently herded by their conniving union leaders and their employer, TSC, into subscribing to a new medical scheme with AON MINET.  This is causing a lot of confusion and pain to the Kenyan tutors.

Primary school teachers who are the majority of Knut members 'lost' their medical allowance mid 2015 while Kuppet members suffered the same fate at the end of last year.

The stories peddled around to encourage teachers to sign in to AON MINET were that the services to be offered were far much better than those available from NHIF.

Teachers were promised comprehensive in-patient and out-patient services in all hospitals across the country. However, no one explained why teachers were not asked to sign into the scheme voluntarily.

A month after they registered, issues have emerged. The service providers are becoming jittery about the arrangement because some have not received anything from TSC since the beginning of the year. Where is the sincerity in this scheme?

The optical services take more than a month before approval by TSC then the wait is longer as the supplier gets the glasses ready.

The new scheme is doing unsatisfactory work to teachers.