Public phone conversations has unclothed Kenyans

With the coming of mobile phones, Kenyans can now make calls anywhere, anytime and phones are convenient. You can send money; withdraw money even from banks through online etc. But the elephant in the room is the public conversation Kenyans have. The famous one is the one senator Sonko had with the president to stop demolition and it was in loudspeaker mode. It was heard in public.

Lately I was in a matatu then a woman got a call and she stated shouting on top of her voice that if money is not increased, she will not make the trip. Unfortunately the trip was to bury her colleague who had passed away. You can imagine talking in public like that. What a shock! Other embarrassing conversation are the one Kenyans are making while gesturing and if you pass near such a person, you can be unfortunately be assaulted.

The other one is the conversation where a person on this end is abusing the other person the other end, in a very uncouth loud voice. Maybe it is very close family members. When former Safaricom boss Michael Joseph famously remarked that Kenya is a nation of individuals with peculiar habits, he stirred a hornet’s nest.

The reaction was fast and furious although Joseph had neither committed a crime against humanity nor stepped on toes of Kenyans is now known to be one of the top earning corporate guru. He had simply observed that Kenyans have peculiar habit of making mobile phone calls at the same time and in the process jamming the network. Let Kenyan examine their phone conversation etiquette and make improvement or they are failing badly and teaching the youth and children bad habits.