Granny urinates in woman’s kitchen to chase her away

Over-indulgence during the festive season left a village in Koiwa, Bomet County, reeling from shock after an aggrieved old man did the unthinkable of urinating in his daughter-in-law’s kitchen.

The young lady is said to drink and ‘demand a lot’ from her husband who has since run away from his home much to the chagrin of the young man’s father.

The mzee has been quietly wishing to send away the drinking woman so that his son would come back home and he has secretly revealed this to his close friends.

However, the guts to tell her to leave are what he lacked and he has been tolerating her drunkenness with the justification that after all she was staying in her house.

Then the festivities came and the young lady joined her band of drunks to celebrate the birth of Jesus in style.

They started the day with busaa, the local thick brew made from maize flour and millet yeast. For those who don’t know, busaa makes one high without knocking them off completely. It is also believed (by those who take it) to have all the necessary vitamins as well as some strange aphrodisiac qualities.

The woman and her group took busaa for the better part of the morning and the afternoon sun found them slowly turning into clowns as the alcohol took its toll.

The drink just like any other, likes taking the drinker to a public place so as to offer them a chance to misbehave.

This is what happened to the woman on Christmas day when she found herself at the local shopping centre pulling around an equally drunk young man and showing all signs that the two intended to engage in something bigger as soon as possible.

She would pull the inebriated boy to her house completely oblivious of the legion of village kids who were following them enjoying the spectacle.

The two were at the point of doing their thing right on the floor of her house when her father-in-law stormed the compound having been attracted by the group of children who were peeping from the fence.

“Nee chu oyoe abusanichu? (What are you doing you fools?) The old man was heard shouting.

While the mzee escorted the young man with a few kicks out of the compound, the woman started a ruckus. She was calling him names for ‘interfering’ with her affairs yet he had not been able to bring back her husband.

The woman then alluded that the family didn’t know how to handle women and hence her husband’s disappearance. She didn’t fail to rope in her father-in-law as the source of the cowardice.

The mzee was too embarrassed by her words and instead of beating her up, he unzipped and urinated into her cooking place in the kitchen.

This is a great taboo among the Kipsigis and the lady left the next day because a cleansing ceremony had to be performed before the cooking place can be used again.

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