Gitobu Imanyara: Lucy Kibaki was a fierce, unapologetic defender of her family

Former First Lady, the late Lucy Kibaki. Imanyara has sent his condolences to former president Mwai Kibaki, saying she was a fierce, unapologetic defender of her family. (PHOTO: COURTSEY)

Gitobu Imanyara has sent his condolences to former President Mwai Kibaki on the passing of Kenya’s former First Lady Lucy Kibaki. In a statement on his Facebook page, he reminisced the moments in Mama Lucy's life.


The statement reads: “The passing on of Mama Lucy Kibaki closes a colourful yet dramatic chapter of the story of Kenya's State House. During Mwai Kibaki's tenancy therein, State House was one of the most watched government institutions with Mama Lucy claiming to have the final say on who should be invited to what she considered her matrimonial home. She was a fierce and unapologetic defender of her husband and did not shy away from going physical if it became necessary. When she raided Nation House to protest media coverage of her husband she didn't hesitate to assault one Clifford Otieno a star photo and video journalist who subsequently instructed me to bring a private prosecution against her. Even though DPP Tobiko terminated the prosecution in a clear case of abuse of office Mama Lucy never forgave me for instituting proceedings against the First Lady.

"My last visit to State House as a member of parliament for Central Imenti saw her physicality confront me to leave State House in an incidence that I regret for reasons I will write about in my memoires. May I take this opportunity to convey my condolences to President Kibaki and the other members of his family, and may Mama Lucy find the peace that she so much deserves.”