Expectant 10-year-old girl dies from birth complications

An expectant pupil has died at a Kilifi hospital after going into labour.

Reports indicate the pupil, who used to attend Matolani Primary School, became pregnant after she was raped.

Police said they were looking for the rapist.

The officers also claimed that Ganze Hospital, where the minor died, gave the girl's body to her family before an autopsy was done.

Residents said the girl was ten years old but a senior police officer told The Standard Sunday evening that she was a minor aged below 18 years.

Kilifi OCPD Alexander Makau confirmed the death Sunday evening, adding that police and a local children agency's officials were investigating.

"We are looking for a male suspect, who is said to have defiled the school-going minor and impregnated her," said Mr Makau.

He added that an autopsy would be performed to determine the cause of death despite reports that the hospital had surrendered the body to the family.

Hospital sources indicated that the deceased was brought to the institution in advanced labour but died before delivery.

Kilifi County Children Services Director Maurice Tsuma said he had learnt of the incident through social media and was yet to gather more information.

Mr Tsuma said he was trying to liaise with his office in Ganze to get more details over the matter before necessary action was taken.

"I have learnt of the sad incident through social media that a 10-year-old girl, who was pregnant, died at Ganze Hospital on Sunday as she was in the process of delivering," said Tsuma.

Makau said it was wrong for the hospital to have surrendered the body to the family before the autopsy, saying it would be exhumed for examination if burial had already taken place.

Makau said the local OCS had been asked to secure the body.

The Standard was unable to reach Chief Health Officer Timothy Malingi for comment as our calls went unanswered.