More than 10, 000 residents receive title deeds in Migori County since independence

More than 10, 000 residents have received title deeds in Migori County for the first time since independence.

The land ownership problem in Nyatike has affected the economy of over 50, 000 people since 1963.

Governor Okoth Obado warned cartels in the county involved in selling public land and the buyers against unscrupulous deals.

“We will not entertain anyone messing with the public land. This habit affects development. Those found will be dealt with according to the law,” he said.

Obado, while launching the issuance at Alendo Primary School in Kanyasa Ward, said his government has spent Sh4.5 million to assist the national government in land adjudication initiative in order to avail the deeds.

He said that more collaborations will be worked on in the next financial year to issue more title deeds to the remaining areas in Nyatike.

Of the 10, 800 deeds issued, 6, 762 will go to Kanyasa ward, 2, 435 will be given to locals in Got Kachola area while 1, 603 will be issued to residents of Muhuru Ward.

Obado said land ownership is central to economic development in the county and appealed to those who were given the deeds to effectively use the document in securing funds for development.

“Land ownership cannot be underestimated and we, therefore, urge the beneficiaries to take the responsibility of the vital document. Don’t take loans without proper planning as you might end up losing the land again,” he said.

The County boss said that the department of Lands and Physical Planning is also working on planning and modernising Sori, Rongo, Awendo and Isibania towns to end congestion and improve urban infrastructure.

Achar Lang’o, 68, a beneficiary from Alendo village in Kanyasa ward, said the move is important since land ownership problem has led to conflicts in the area.

“Today I am the happiest man on earth. I didn’t know this dream would one day come true. We have been cheated by many people about the title deeds, but happy the county government has saved the situation,” he said.

County Executive Committee member in charge of Lands and Physical Planning, Elizabeth Ochaye-Alila, said that any emerging cases will still be worked on to ensure no mistakes arise.

“Land adjudication is a complex process and involves many stakeholders. However, we shall always strive to ensure emerging issues are settled and deeds given to genuine land owners,” she said.