President Magufuli devoted to extirpate corruption

It’s barely a month since John Magufuli was inaugurated as the fifth president of Tanzania.

Apparently, what he has done in this scanty time is amazing. President Magufuli has already displayed abundant zeal for austerity and impatience in uprooting corruption and waste of public funds. Magufuli cancelled Independence Day celebration, a time the government spent big on public display on nationalism, downsized by more than 90% budget for the opulent state dinner, cancelled unreasonable state travels for officials and ordered state meetings and workshops to be held in government buildings rather than 5 star hotels.

President Magufuli has also paid impromptu visits to government ministries and mercilessly laid off civil servants who were not on their desks for flimsy excuses. Magufuli’s stringent actions depicts that he will no longer condone the cancer of corruption which is heavily rooted in government offices/parastatals. I cherish his diligent leadership because at the end of his leadership tenure, Tanzania will be many miles ahead of East African countries economically.

It’s high time for President Kenyatta to imitate Magufuli’s measures on curbing graft in order to rekindle the hopes of pessimistic Kenyans. Kenyan MPs and Cabinet Secretaries squander a lot of public funds on unnecessary foreign trips which should be abrogated. Again, state meetings which are held in the 5 star luxury hotels like Kempinski should be held at Parliament buildings. This will play a fundamental role in salvaging Kenyans from escalated tax rates and the nation too from financial crunches.