Francis Atwoli: State must end outsourcing

Francis Atwoli

The Government should stop outsourcing services and instead let its employees handle the work, the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) has said.

The union said the move by the State to agree to the outsourcing of non-essential services in early 1980s created a platform for top civil servants to corruptly obtain money under the guise of subcontracting.

In a statement Monday on wastage in State spending, union Secretary General Francis Atwoli said graft was also to blame for non-effective collection of Government revenues.

"As warned by Cotu, when top civil servants and politicians are deeply involved in corruption, those working under them fall short of living up to their patriotism to the country and follow suit.

"As the vice spills over to other Government institutions, those with the responsibility of collecting revenue for Government end up sharing such monies with would-be taxpayers, hence denying the Government the much needed revenue to run," the statement read in part.

Mr Atwoli pointed out that the State should address rampant corruption.

His remarks come after a report by the Controller of Budget revealed how public funds have been spent by different levels of Government.