Decomposing body of police officer found dumped in Nyeri

The decomposing body of a man suspected to be a police officer was discovered yesterday at Rehema Farm in Game Rock estate, Nyeri.

Farm Manager Philip Kihara recounted visiting the scene yesterday morning shortly after one of his farmhands, who stumbled upon the corpse while herding cattle, informed him about the incident.

Nyeri OCPD Charles Rotich (left) with other police officers at a bush near Gamerock estate in Nyeri on September 1, 2015 where a decomposing body of a 38-year-old man suspected to be a police officer was discovered. Some of the documents retrieved from his pockets included a fuel card for a police vehicle and a paper slip of the Police SACCO. (PHOTO: KIBATA/STANDARD)

“A pungent nauseating smell hit my nostrils a long while before I arrived at the scene. Judging by the state of the body including the absence of hair, it must have been here for more than a week,” said Mr Kihara.

Some of the documents recovered from the man’s pockets were a fuel card for a police vehicle, a slip from the Police Sacco, a national identity card and several ATM cards.

Nyeri OCPD Charles Rotich said the 38-year-old man could have been killed elsewhere before his body was dumped in the area.

The body is carried from the scene of crime. (PHOTO: KIBATA/STANDARD)

Police are trying to establish the identity of the deceased by verifying the information on the recovered items and contacting some of the phone numbers written on the documents. This is the second time in a period of less than three months that a body has been discovered dumped in the area. On June 22, Police retrieved the body of a matatu driver. The corpse, whose hands were tied with a rope, was discovered in a thicket along the Nyeri-Nanyuki highway.