Seven medical officers suspended over death of pregnant woman in Busia

BUSIA: Six officers and an ambulance driver of Sio Port sub district hospital who were on duty when a pregnant woman died while waiting to be moved to Busia County Referral Hospital after developing delivery complications have been suspended.

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong made the revelation on Friday.

Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation, Ekisa Akisa said those interdicted include four clinical officers, two nurses and a driver.

Akisa said the suspended officials will appear before the advisory committee on Tuesday to  unravel  the mystery behind  the  death of a 40 year old pregnant widow after she was left writhing in pain for over 12 hours with no means to transfer her to Busia hospital.

She said the two clinical officers will be the first to appear before the committee and will be sent packing if found guilty.

"If the negligence claims are ascertained the officers responsible will be blacklisted. We shall not allow them to move to other health institutions in the country and promote their negligence tendencies," Ojaamong said.

The Governor reiterated that the government bought seven ambulances to be used for emergency cases  in all the seven sub counties, warning that bribes of Sh1,000 or more  under the pretext of fuelling the vehicles will not be tolerated.

Busia Referral Hospital Medical Superitedent , Dr Janerose Ambuchi said they will carry out a Maternal  Death Review on the body this week  to ascertain whether  negligence led to the woman' s death.